Power up your baby's protection

A lifetime of protection doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

As parents, you wish to protect your baby forever. With her cord blood, you can!

Have a piece of mind and secure a lifetime of protection for your child without adding on to your financial burden.

Here are 3 simple reasons why.

  • 1 in 3 people1 will benefit from regenerative therapy.

  • 40,000+ cord blood transplants done worldwide2.

  • 95% survival rate for transplants using related cord blood vs. 61% for unrelated cord blood3.

Payable using Child Development Account (CDA)

If your child is a Singaporean citizen, you may also use your Child Development Account (CDA) for the payment of cord blood banking services. CDA is part of the Baby Bonus Scheme designed to help parents defray the financial cost of raising a newborn-child during the early years. The Baby Bonus Scheme comprises of a cash gift, CDA First Step Grant and co-savings scheme for your child’s CDA.

When a CDA is opened, the child will receive a CDA First Step Grant of $3,000. Deposits made by parents are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government, up to a specified cap depending on the child’s birth order as on the left.

To view the detailed breakdown, please kindly click here.

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DCR No. 3793